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Take a walk:

Very old city (first written testimonies of existence around 11th), walking towards the center of the village (take left exit then right at the end of the street), you will leave to the left the temple then always left the Chapel of penitents.
A little further, the church square and its pretty medieval houses (the only café in the village is there) and on the left, the Sarrazine tower.
Walk around the church and admire the ancient ramparts.

Passing through the hole of the wall, you can walk through the medieval streets with typical names : rue des Huguenots, du puits….

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Having fun :

  • In our city, a strong tradition of celebration

  • Shows are offered almost every week in various venues throughout the city. (See on site).

  • Les Pailhasses :

In February, a unique event: the city is closed and participants from the surrounding area, grimed or not, chase themselves to get dirty with the wine dregs. Inherited from the past, this festival was kept as a “release” for centuries, allowing villagers to “settle” their accounts without extreme violence. Today, we have a lot of fun.

  • Bulls :

In the summer, bulls are released into the streets under the control of the manadiers and their magnificent horses: shelters (taking the bulls to the fields), bandidos (bringing the bulls back to the bullring) or ferrades (marking the young beasts) 

  • Summer, Eating together to the sound of music. Evenings with orchestra, tables and food trucks are regularly organised in the school square.

  • In August, the village festival lasts 5 days, with a small carnival and dance every night.


In summer, there are village parties every weekend and weekday summers within 5 km. Don’t hesitate to visit the sites of the town halls of Pignan, Cournonsec, Fabrègues.


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